Weekly Specials

704 Sheridan Blvd.

Denver, CO

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Sample Authentic, Delicious Baked Goods

Get all your baked goods in one place – Carniceria La Mexicana of Denver, CO! You'll enjoy contemporary favorites like cheesecake alongside traditional Latin dishes like Rosca De Reyes. Whichever dish you choose, you'll get freshly-baked pastries at great prices.

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Enjoy Extravagant Party Sweets

Discover Freshly-Baked Favorites

From quinceñeras to other birthdays, weddings, and holiday parties, don't settle for sweets from big-box stores. Carniceria La Mexicana will bake fresh pastries for your next party or event and have them ready for you to take home! Call for additional details!

  • Tortillas

  • Tortilla chips

  • Goya products

  • Sodas and beverages

  • Fresh produce

  • Chips and candy

  • Imported groceries

Gran variedad de pan Mexicano

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